Our Vision

Everyone who needs it has timely access to pain resolution services, delivered in their own community.

Our Mission

To sustainably change pain by:

  • Improving access to pain treatment

  • Improving effectiveness of pain treatment

  • Creating the best place to make a difference

  • Through early intervention, reducing the overall cost of care

Our Values

At CHANGEpain, we value WELLNESS in working together:

  • Work together in relationships to learn and grow
  • Encourage patient focus for planning and care
  • Listen with an open mind
  • Laugh and enjoy humour throughout the day
  • Notice the dignity and value of ourselves and others
  • Engage supportive, inclusive, multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment of pain
  • Sharing and spreading innovation
  • Strive to be mindful in delivering efficient and cost effective services.

Our Strategies

We are changing pain by:

  • Innovating and implementing effective, efficient and economical pain treatments and making it more accessible to patients

  • Measuring outcomes and continuously improving our approach based on what is shown to work

  • Gaining stakeholder acceptance and advance recognition of techniques that are shown to be effective

  • Spreading knowledge and skills that we gain through our research and practices

  • Optimizing quality and minimizing adverse impacts of pain therapies

Our Origins

Since 2009, our founders have been collaborating on ideas to improve the lives of pain patients and practitioners.

In early 2013, we decided to lead by example and launch CHANGEpain, a “living lab” for applying new ways to achieve Quadruple Aim objectives for pain resolution.  

We are now are delighted to be working with a shared care team of like-minded clinicians, support staff and volunteers who share a mission to link people with the pain care they need to live a better life.

We believe in Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim objectives, and a fourth essential component as well: people delivering care are passionate and love their work.