What is CHANGEpain?

Since 2013, CHANGEpain has been a community-based pain clinic of pain specialized medical doctors and other health clinicians who are passionate about helping people in pain.  We provide strategies to reduce the development of chronic pain before it happens and find ways to alleviate it when it impacts quality of life.  

Our interdisciplinary team evaluates bio-psycho-social issues to create a personalized, multi-dimensional pain care plan. We continuously apply the newest evidence to ensure that our practice is best evidence informed. Our services are integrated to create better communication between providers and better overall patient care and results.  


Our Vision

To create a place where people feel safe, are heard and believed, and are empowered with skills to improve pain and function.


Our Mission

1 in 5 people in BC (and North America!) have chronic pain, yet there are very few trained physicians specializing in pain management. Our mission is to sustainably change pain by:

  • Improving access to pain care services

  • Improving effectiveness of pain care services

  • Through early intervention, reducing the overall cost of care


Our Values

We believe there are many ways to recover from injury through healing the body, mind and spirit and that only by learning together can patients and clinicians alike make the changes to support healthy, joy-filled living.


Our Strategies

We are changing pain by:

  • Innovating and implementing effective, efficient and economical pain care services and making it more accessible to patients

  • Measuring outcomes and continuously improving our approach based on what is shown to work

  • Gaining stakeholder acceptance and advance recognition of techniques that are shown to be effective

  • Spreading knowledge and skills that we gain through our research and practices

  • Optimizing quality and minimizing adverse impacts of pain care services

Our Layered Care Approach

At CHANGEpain, we use a layered care approach.  Our aim is to start pain patients with effective, simple, low risk techniques first. Why? Science and our own clinic results show that most people get significant benefit in our first layers of care. This applies to patients that have tried these approaches in the past without success.

If you do not get benefit, then we may refer you to more complex treatments and therapies as needed.

This layered care approach helps make sure that riskier and more expensive treatments are only offered to those that really need them. 

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