Allan Guan

Allan Guan

Allan Guan Kinesiology Intern

Allan starting volunteering with CHANGEpain in February 2016.  

He is finishing his 4th year in Bachelor of Kinesiology at UBC this year. What led him to study Kinesiology was a thirst for understanding root causes of musculoskeletal injuries, rehabilitation, and ultimately to help improve other people's quality of life. This led him to volunteer as an Assistant Kinesiologist at a spinal cord injury rehabilitation center in Richmond and at CHANGEpain.

Allan has many different passions, which include fitness and the outdoors, music, and global aid. He loves playing rugby, soccer, competing in Powerlifting competitions and backpacking in the mountains. In his free time, he likes to play the guitar or ukelele and was also a piano teacher for many years. 

Allan is also currently a Reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medic, and regularly goes to different areas around Canada for training.