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Becoming a Patient

How to become a patient at CHANGEpain

1.  For CHANGEpain Together programs, you can sign up online here, and attend sessions at your own convenience!

2. For our CHANGEpain Core program which includes all services covered by MSP, we require a referral from your physician or nurse practitioner.  

Step 1: Your doctor sends us a referral

Step 2: We let your doctor know if we have accepted the referral (see referral acceptance criteria). If we accept your referral, we will let your doctor know when your first appointment is scheduled. 

Step 3: You contact us to confirm your first appointment, Starting to CHANGEpain.  

Step 4: You come to CHANGEpain for your first appointment, a Group Medical Visit, Starting to CHANGEpain. 

Step 5: We send you a link to an online Intake Questionnaire and you complete it at home.   You must complete this online survey before we will book you in for an appointment.  

If you need help with the survey you can ask a trusted friend or family member.  If you don’t have a computer you can go to a public library or come to our clinic to complete the form.

Step 2: You call us to set up an Initial Consultation after you completed the Questionnaire.

Step 3: You come to CHANGEpain for your appointment with a physician, get assessed, and receive your recommended pain management plan.  You might receive a trial treatment  during the consultation it that is right for you.