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Austin Kao

Austin joined the CHANGEpain team as a Clinical Chronicler in January 2014. He graduated from UBC with his Bachelor of Kinesiology in May 2016, and plans to pursue physiotherapy as a career. 

Austin is an open-minded and passionate individual. With a kind, compassionate, and positive attitude, he is willing to go the extra mile for anyone. Austin is also a dreamer, and has many plans and goals for his future.

Austin has several hobbies including sports, music, and sketching. He enjoys playing sports including baseball, soccer, and swimming. In addition, he loves playing the piano and sketching in his spare time.

His love for sports and music, as well as the experiences he received through them have peaked his interest in helping others. He continues to do so through volunteering at senior homes as a musician and physiotherapist assistant, as well as a softball coach at his previous highschool.

Austin’s passion for helping others, combined with his interest in human anatomy and physiology spurred his interest in kinesiology and physiotherapy. He dreams of building a haven for people in pain and discomfort, where he can provide multi-disciplinary services.

Austin loves interacting with people, so if you find a young sharply dressed man walking around, don’t hesitate to stop and talk with him!