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Carson Berry

Carson started working with us as an intern in February 2015 and was hired full time in April 2015. He’s currently works in a number of roles:  Patient Care Coordinator, Clinical Chronicler, and also works on various research projects. You’ll probably see him floating around the patient computer desk, or staring intently at a computer screen somewhere.

Carson just completed his BSc in Biology at UBC. Carson’s degree has led him through a variety of fields, including ecology and agricultural research, but has ultimately decided on a health-care oriented career path.

Carson wrote his MCAT in Bangkok in December 2014, and will be applying to medical school this summer. He’s interested in multidisciplinary medical research; the effect of agricultural practices on human health, and the converse- how management for human health might affect ecological health. Everything is connected!

When he’s not working at CHANGEpain or studying, you might find Carson hiking up one of the many beautiful mountains north of the city, climbing rocks on said mountains, doing yoga, reading, cycling, or staring intently at the water, wishing for a strong wind.