CHANGEpain Together Self-Management Programs

Each program is designed to offer tools, knowledge and strategies to help you manage your pain, yourself. Pain research is clear: Patients who learn more about pain and patients who take control of their own condition, do BETTER.

These programs are not covered under MSP. 

NOTE: Anyone can sign up for these programs!  Patients do not require a physician referral to join. We highly recommend patients participate in these programs while waiting for their consultation with our pain specialists.

CHANGEpain Together programs are delivered by highly skilled teachers with in-depth pain training.    

Group Self-Management Programs

CHANGEpain Together group programs are workshops delivered by pain experts. Our highly trained teachers will give you tools, knowledge and strategies to help you manage your pain, yourself.

CHANGEpain Together offers 3 program layers:



Level 1 : Foundations

Learn the basics

Recommended before taking layer 2 and 3 programs


  • Foundations of Movement
  • Foundations of the Nervous System
  • Foundations of Pre and Post Surgical Care
  • Foundations of Psychology
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Level 2 : Skills and Tools

Learn the skills and tools, to manage your pain, yourself

Recommended before taking layer 3 programs


  • Moving to CHANGEpain
  • Nutrition to CHANGEpain
  • Sleeping to CHANGEpain
  • Relaxing to CHANGEpain
  • Psychology to CHANGEpain
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Level 3: Practice

Practice the skills you have learned


  • Gentle Yoga for Chronic Pain
  • Chair Yoga for Chronic Pain
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Pilates Basics

Private Coaching

Pain is complicated and it plays by its own rules. Unfortunately, those rules change from person to person. Our experienced movement and pain coaches are available for private sessions to help you figure out what the rules are in your own body, and how to work within those rules in order to increase activity, improve sleep, decrease pain, and manage flares.