People have better outcomes when they feel some level of control over their pain.  Self-management is part of a gold standard approach to pain management. 

Do you need extra help figuring out how to

  • Start practicing your own self-management strategies?
  • Follow your care team's recommendations?

Our Pain Coaches

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Krista Friesen BA MSc CYT PgCPain

Krista has extensive knowledge and skills in chronic pain management.  She has years of experience working with chronic pain patients (herself included!), and has been with CHANGEpain and its predessor clinics since 2011.  She has deep understanding and background in the treatments and recommendations made by the CHANGEpain clinicians.

Krista offers coaching in:

  • General Pain Management
  • Movement (including yoga and Pilates)
  • Sleep

Hanna Rakowska RHN

Optimizing the diet can have a significant impact on pain management. Hanna unites her knowledge of nutritional therapy with evidence-based dietary interventions specific to chronic pain in order to educate and help people dealing with pain. Hanna focuses on multiple dietary risk factors for chronic pain, as well as simple nutrition concepts that can greatly affect overall health.

Hanna offers coaching in:

  • Nutrition specific to chronic pain
  • Nutrition for other health conditions
  • Meal planning 

Other Coaches Available Soon

Sarah Jamieson BComm CYT PgCPain

Sarah combines the therapeutic application of yoga (including meditation, breath work, and philosophy) with graduate level training in pain management to help people in pain increase function and improve their quality of life. Sarah focuses on habit change and emotional awareness as tools to support effective pain management. She enjoys helping people who feel like they know a lot about what they “should” be doing but have a hard time putting knowledge into action. 

 Sarah offers coaching in:

  • General Pain Management
  • Movement (including yoga)
  • Relaxation Training 



Dr. Lindsay Rite  BSc (Kin) DC