Dr. Lindsay Rite

Dr. Lindsay Rite

Chiropractic Services with Dr. Linday Rite BSc(Kin), DC, CSEP-CEP

Dr. Rite takes an empowering approach to care with her patients.  She is trained in multiple manual techniques and utilizes a diversity of hands on and instrumented assisted therapies to aid in alleviating pain and suffering in her patients. Additionally, pain education and personalized active therapy prescription is a significant part of her practice. Patients seeing Dr. Rite can expect a personalized program with a focus on functional goals and improving one’s quality of life.  This service is complementary to our CHANGEpain Kinesiology Semi-Private Active Rehab program.

Dr. Lindsay Rite is the Director of Integrative Health at CHANGEpain Clinic.  She has advanced training in movement and exercise therapy and is a CSEP Certified Exercise Physiologist. 

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Initial Assessment and Treatment Cost: $150 (45 minutes)

Follow Up Appointment Cost: $100 (30 minutes)

                 *Follow up appointments by video conference are available on request.