Courtney zoschke

Courtney zoschke

Courtney Zoschke BSc Kinesiology (4th year)

Courtney is currently working towards completion of her BSc Kinesiology degree from the University of Victoria. Her passion for kinesiology originated from involvement in competitive sport and a general interest in the human body including the mechanisms by which chronic disease and pathology occur.

Throughout the years, she has considered many potential career paths in the area of health care and believes that she will be most satisfied in a profession that allows her to directly improve the quality of life of those dealing with chronic pathologies.

She was initially drawn to CHANGEpain because of the interdisciplinary approach to pain management and is eager to contribute (even if only in a small way) to the development and understanding of such a prevalent yet misunderstood area of medicine.

In her spare time, Courtney tries to be active, whether it be through playing sports, hiking, weight-training, and yoga. She  generally spends her weekends socializing with friends or coaching Field Hockey, which she has been doing for the last 8 years.