Curtis May

Curtis joined the CHANGEpain team as a clinical chronicler in September 2014.

Curtis graduated from UBC in Kinesiology in May 2014. He chose Kinesiology due to his curiosity of the causes of his own chronic injury and pain. He hopes to continue to delve deeper into this area through clinical research and practice in his future career.

Curtis is an avid supporter of evidence-based medicine.  Therefore, he believes in medical research, especially applied in the clinic, as a way to directly test the efficacy of new treatments used in addition to keeping up to date within the field.

On the side, Curtis is passionate of the science of human learning and memory, loves farming (kale and garlic especially), researches health and wellness, and reads dystopian novels. He has two dogs and one cat. Currently, his goal is to learn how to incorporate mindfulness in his personal and professional life.