Emily Wilkerson BA

Emily Wilkerson.jpg

Emily joined the CHANGEpain Clinic in January, 2017. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a major in opera in 2013. After completing her degree, she decided she wanted to study science and now hopes to pursue a career in health care. Emily is currently in her 4th year of studies at Simon Fraser University in the field of Health Science.

 Emily is very excited to be at the CHANGEpain clinic, and is looking forward to learning more about the challenges that people with chronic pain face, as well as they ways in which the health care community can work to limit these challenges. As a clinical chronicler, Emily is excited to channel her passion for health care and community service in her position assisting physicians and administrative staff at CHANGEpain.

 In her free time, Emily enjoys spending time with her family and friends, doing outdoor activities, traveling, and supporting the performing arts in Vancouver. She also enjoys volunteering at Crossroads Hospice and coaching high school volleyball. If you hear someone humming or singing along to the radio, it's probably her!