Fee Schedule


Over 80% of services available at CHANGEpain Clinic are covered by the BC Medical Services Plan.  Our standard Layered Care approach is to maximize options available under MSP.  Our Core Program  and many specialist services are fully funded by MSP.

Some pain treatments, such as movement, nutrition and infusions are not insured by MSP. 

If we recommend a treatment with a fee, we always let the patient know first.


Needling Procedures (not covered by MSP)

(note - Trigger Point and iSITES injections ARE covered by MSP)


$175     Initial Assessment (30 minutes)

$150     Treatment (30 minutes)

Dry Needling or Peri-Neural Injections

$100    per 15 minutes or portion thereof


Please ask your physician.  The fee is based on your injury and areas that need treatment.

Botox Migraine Treatment

$200     Injection Fee

$800     Approx cost of Botox Medication - paid to pharmacy

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Services Delivered by Our Extended Team

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Pain Infusion Therapy


Other Fees

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CHANGEpain Together Programs

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