Gurjeet Bhangu

Gurjeet joined the CHANGEpain team in September 2016 as a Clinical Chronicler.  He will be starting medical school at UBC starting in August 2017.

Gurjeet recently completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology at UBC with a concentration in Health Sciences. He chose Kinesiology because he is fascinated by the human body, how it works, and the ever-increasing body of medical knowledge about its complexity.

Gurjeet was drawn towards a full-time position at CHANGEpain after volunteering at the clinic for several months. He is keen to learn more about the intricacies of pain management, and to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals living with chronic pain.

Outside of the clinic, Gurjeet can be found volunteering in various settings, playing soccer, and socializing with friends. In his free time, he enjoys reading neuroscience books, playing video games, and binge-watching popular TV shows.