gurleen dhaliwal

gurleen dhaliwal

Gurleen Dhaliwal BSc

Gurleen joined the CHANGEpain team in May 2017 as a volunteer.

She recently graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Biology from SFU. Through her studies, Gurleen has acquired an in depth understanding of the building blocks and physiological processes that work together to create the human body.

Gurleen’s interest in CHANGEpain and chronic pain management was sparked during a disease ecology class discussion. Some of her classmates argued that chronic pain was not a serious medical ailment simply because in some cases the pain does not stem from an obvious physical cause or pathogen. They thought that chronic pain was a psychological disorder only.

But Gurleen explained to them that chronic pain is a serious ailment because it causes significant losses, reductions, or modifications of physical, physiological, social, and psychological functioning. Therefore, she believes that chronic pain should be managed more carefully and in a multidisciplinary approach by Canadian healthcare providers.  

Her short term goals are to gain more knowledge about chronic pain and management strategies from the medical staff and patients at the clinic. 

Her long term goals are to actively respond to Canadian health care issues and improve primary care through the field of Nursing.

Gurleen enjoys bouldering, hiking, skiing, and gardening in her free time.