Jagdeep Walia

Jag joined the CHANGEpain team in May 2016 as a Clinical Chronicler. He completed his final year of Physiology at Simon Fraser University in April 2016 and was accepted to medical school at UBC starting in August 2017.

Jag is fascinated by the complexity of the human body at the molecular level, and has spent numerous years researching and learning more about hypertension. Jag was drawn towards CHANGEpain because, like hypertension, the origins of pain are often multi-faceted, and requires treatment highly specialized to the given individual. Through his academic work at school and exposure to the clinical setting at CHANGEpain, Jag hopes to effectively apply the knowledge he has gained to his downstream goal of becoming a practicing physician.

Beyond the clinic, Jag can be found tutoring pesky or fun loving kids of all walks of life, and volunteering throughout the community. In his free time, Jag enjoys hiking across peaceful local trails, camping in various regions across BC, and embarking on long road trips with friends or family.