Layer 1: Foundations

In addition to Group Medical Visits, we offer the CHANGEpain Together series of group programs for people living with chronic pain.

These group programs focus on major issues faced by pain patients, including disrupted sleep, sensitive nervous systems, and exercising too much or too little. Each program is designed to offer tools, knowledge and strategies to help you manage your pain, yourself.

Pain research is clear: Patients who learn more about pain and patients who take control of their own condition, do BETTER.

*NOTE: Anyone can sign up for these programs!  Patients do not require a physician referral to join. We highly recommend patients participate in these programs while waiting for their consultation with our pain specialists

Foundations of Movement

Moving your body  is very  important to managing chronic pain!
This 2-session introductory program is designed to help you understand the principles of movement in managing your pain, and to gain awareness of the principles and importance of postural alignment.

Program Cost: $50 + GST (includes two 75 min sessions)

Foundations of Psychology

A 3-session program to explore the effects of persistent pain on individuals and relationships.

Foundations of Psychology helps you explore:

  • How your pain has changed your daily life
  • How pain has affected your emotions, relationships and behavior
  • How pain might have forced you into becoming a different person
  • How to be aware of which parts of your former self you have lost, and which parts you haven’t lost
  • The importance of acknowledging the changes caused by pain
  • How to find your way back to your own identity.

Facilitators:  Dr. Judy LePage or Dr. Tony LePage, Registered Psychologists

Program Cost: $195 + GST (includes 3 in-person sessions, averaging $65/session).  

Foundations of the Nervous System

A 2-session program to introduce how the brain and nervous system process pain. 

 Pain is an experience created by the brain. There is strong scientific evidence supporting pain education as an effective pain management tool. Simply, this means that learning about pain helps to reduce pain. This short program will teach you about pain and will help you to understand what are some of the most effective ways to manage it.

This program is a recommended pre-requisite for the Relaxing to CHANGEpain, Nutrition to CHANGEpain, and the Sleeping to CHANGEpain programs.

Facilitator: Sarah Jamieson

Program Cost:  $50 + GST (includes two 75 min sessions)

Foundations of Pre and Post Surgical Care

A 2-session program to outline the importance of pain management in preparing for and recovering from surgery.
Many people who undergo surgery end up developing chronic pain. There is a lot that can be done before, during, and after surgery to help manage pain and prevent the risk of developing persistent issues. This program will educate you about the risks, teach you about the importance of pain management surrounding surgery, and explain why many of the tools taught in other CHANGEpain Together programs may be very relevant to you.
Patients who are expecting or recovering from surgery must take this program prior to enrolling in our other programs.

Facilitator: Krista Friesen or Sarah Jamieson

Program Cost: $50 + GST (includes two 75 min sessions)