Program Descriptions

In addition to Group Medical Visits, we offer the CHANGEpain Together series of group programs for people living with chronic pain.

These group programs focus on major issues faced by pain patients, including disrupted sleep, sensitive nervous systems, and exercising too much or too little. Each program is designed to offer tools, knowledge and strategies to help you manage your pain, yourself.

Pain research is clear: Patients who learn more about pain and patients who take control of their own condition, do BETTER.

*NOTE: Anyone can sign up for these programs!  Patients do not require a physician referral to join. We highly recommend patients participate in these programs while waiting for their consultation with our pain specialists

Moving to CHANGEpain

Moving your body  is very  important to managing chronic pain. Moving to Change Pain is broken down into 2 programs, each tailored to your individual movement goals.

Moving to CHANGEpain : Increasing Confidence
This 6-session progressive program  will help you relax through movement, decrease fear of flare-ups and re-injury, and increase your confidence in moving, both in exercise and in daily activity.

Program Cost: $180   (includes six 75 minute sessions)

Moving to CHANGEpain : Moving Better
This 6-week progressive program is for people living with persistent pain who are comfortable with exercise and are ready to work with more strength and posture-based sequences. This program is especially recommended for people who tend to “go for it” as they exercise and end up flaring up their pain as a result.

Program Cost: $180  (includes six 75 minute sessions)

Relaxing to CHANGEpain

If you’re living with chronic pain, you know how stressful it can be. Pain research shows that stress makes pain worse. As a result, many people living with chronic pain end up in a horrible cycle where their pain causes stress, that stress makes the pain worse, which causes yet more stress, and then more pain. The Relaxing to CHANGEpain program has been designed to help you break this cycle. There are three modules in the program:

Relaxing to CHANGEpain : Breath will teach you to better recognize the physiological experience of stress in your body, help you understand the way your breathing patterns effect your stress levels, and give you a chance to practice over ten different breathing exercises that you can start to use to manage your pain right away. 

Program Cost: $90  (includes three 75 minute sessions)

Relaxing to CHANGEpain : Meditation will demystify meditation and mindfulness practices by explaining the very practical nature of these pain management tools. You will learn about the research supporting their use in pain management and you will have the opportunity to practice a number of different meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as guided relaxation practices that will be invaluable resources for your pain management. 

Program Cost: $90  (includes three 75 minute sessions)

Relaxing to CHANGEpain : Thoughts & Emotions will first look at how the brain processes pain. This initial lesson will highlight the essential role that working with our thoughts and emotions plays in pain management, and it will help to expand your understanding of pain – which creates new possibilities for finding pain relief. You will be given the opportunity to start working with a number of different tools, including basic tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which research shows to be a highly effective pain management tool. 

Program Cost: $90   (includes three 75 minute sessions)

Note: Receive a discount if you book all 9 weeks! Program Cost: $240   (includes nine 75 minute sessions)

Sleeping to CHANGEpain

This 5-week program is designed specifically for patients who live with chronic pain and suffer from interrupted sleep. It integrates current sleep research and therapy techniques including:

  • Sleep hygiene: how to set yourself up for sleep success
  • Information about medications and supplements
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Cognitive Therapy Techniques
  • Pain education and sleep science

Changing pain often changes sleep, AND changing sleep can often change pain. Let us help.

Program Cost: $200 (includes five 75 minute sessions)

Nutrition to CHANGEpain

Nutrition is important for optimal health! Changes in diet can reduce inflammation in the body, balance blood sugar levels and support the nervous system. Optimizing your diet can help change your pain!

Over the course of 4 weeks, you will be introduced to simple nutrition concepts that can greatly impact your health. You will learn about:

  • The link between the nervous system, chronic pain, and diet
  • How to decrease stimulation of the nervous system through diet
  • Foods that fight chronic pain and foods to avoid
  • How digestion can affect chronic pain
  • Healthy choices in each food group (carbohydrates, fats and protein)
  • How to balance blood sugar levels through use of the glycemic index
  • Food sensitivities and how to identify them
  • The supplements that CHANGEpain recommends for pain management.

Your teacher will provide you with resources to take home and give you tips for implementing these changes at home. You will learn about how to eat healthy on a budget, and how to shop for healthy foods. You will also receive recipes and meal plans to try at home!

Program Cost: $175 (includes four 75 minute sessions)

Psychology to CHANGEpain : Anxiety and Depression

This four session group (75 minutes/session) will help explain the relationship between persistent pain, anxiety, and mood, and how to manage, and potentially prevent these issues.

Students will learn: 

  • The connection between pain, anxiety, and depression
  • The effect that anxiety and mood has on pain
  • How to know when anxiety and depressed mood are problems
  • What to do to deal with anxiety and depression
  • How to prevent anxiety and depression from being a problem in the first place

Program Cost: $275 (includes four 75 minute sessions)
*Extended Health Insurance may help to cover the cost of this program!