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Micaela Dickhof

Micaela joined the CHANGEpain team as a Clinical Chronicler in May 2016. She is entering her 4th year of study in the UBC Kinesiology program with a concentration in Health Sciences.

Micaela chose to study Kinesiology because of her passion for the human body, integration of multi-disciplinary approaches to medicine and helping others. Playing softball for 10 years, and exploring other sports in childhood led to frequent injury and trips to the physiotherapist, chiropractor and doctor. This sparked her interest in health care professions like clinical work and rehabilitation. She finds it incredibly rewarding to engage in recovery programs and hopes to participate in guiding others through pain into strength and ability. In the near future Micaela hopes to pursue graduate studies in Physical Therapy or research work in population negative health habits and chronic disease.

Outside of studies and work Micaela enjoys spending time at the beach, trail running, hiking in the mountains, reading and exploring downtown. She also loves meeting new people through clubs or events and holds an executive position for the UBC Blood for Life club, which holds stem cell and blood drives on campus.