What is iSITES?

iSITES stands for “Integrated Specialist Interventions Targeted by Enhanced Sonograms”

The iSITES program includes more complex pain procedures performed under ultrasound (sonogram) imaging. The iSITES program is covered by MSP.

What should I expect if I am referred to iSITES?

Your first iSITES appointment will be the iSITES Group Medical Visit (iSITES GMV). During the iSITES GMV you will learn what to expect, the risks, and how to prepare for your iSITES procedures. We will also answer all of  your questions, and complete your informed consent form. 

After the GMV, we will book your iSITES diagnostic pain procedures. The purpose of the first phase of treatments is to determine where your pain is coming from. 

After the diagnostic treatments are complete, you will come in for a review appointment with a pain specialist. You and your doctor will go over the results or your procedures and determine your plan going forward. If your doctor recommends maintenance blocks for you, you may also receive another block on this visit.

How do I prepare for my iSITES appointment?

The week before your appointment:

  • Please call and reschedule your appointment if you are:
    • Sick or hospitalized OR
    • Have an MRI scheduled within 2 weeks.
    • Please remember we need 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  • Let us know if you have started new blood thinner medication.
  • Arrange an escort home, as you cannot drive after an iSITES treatment.

On day of your appointment:

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing that can be washed as it may get stained with ultrasound gel. (No hospital gown is needed)
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to fill out the survey about your last procedure (not needed for first treatment)

What are the side effects?