Pacing for Daily Living (Group Self-Managment Program, Online Only)

Length: 3 sessions        Duration: 90 minutes per session      Cost: $90 ($30 per session)                                          

Pacing is considered to be a key pillar of effective pain management. This program will teach you how to work with this essential skill.

Chronic pain impacts every aspect of our lives, and it often makes it difficult to carry out everyday activities. This program will teach you the powerful tool of pacing and help you get your life back while managing your pain. You will be taught how to plan and modify your activities so that you can more successfully engage in activities of daily living. Through pacing techniques and goal setting, you will learn to minimize pain and maximize productivity.

You should go if...

  • You over-do things and then pay for it later
  • You're stuck in a cycle of flare-ups
  • You have difficulty knowing how to modify activities to minimize your pain

Private Sessions with Sarah Borthwick OT (Online only)

Occupational therapist Sarah Borthwick collaborates with our physicians and uses the same medical record as they do.  Sarah's recommendations are available to other CHANGEpain clinicians and group program leaders involved in patient care.

Initial Assessment and Treatment Cost: $125 (60 minutes)

Follow Up Appointment Cost: $65 (30 minutes)