Our Team

Our passionate multi-disciplinary team works together to improve the lives of people living with persistent pain.  Here they are! 


Medical Director

Brenda Lau MD FRCPC FFPMANZCA MM CGIMS, (Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology) Co-founder and Medical Director CHANGEpain Clinic


Pain Physicians

Alan Berkman MBChB DA(SA) FRCPC FIPP CIPS (Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology)

Martin Arrigan MB, BCh, FRCPC (Radiology)

Stephen Ho MD FRCPC (Radiology)

Alyssa Hodgson MA MD FRCPC (Anesthesiology)

Aniz Khalfan MBChB FRCPC (Anesthesiology)

Allan Lam MD RAc CGIMS (General Practitioner)

Brenda Lau MD FRCPC FFPMANZCA MM CGIMS, (Pain Medicine and Anesthesiology) Co-founder and Medical Director CHANGEpain Clinic

Marcus Lem MD FRCPC (Public Health, Preventive Medicine)

Luck Louis MD FRCPC (Radiology)

Lindsay Machan MD FRCPC (Radiology)

Christian Rucker MD CCFP ABAM

Greg Siren MD CCFP FCFP (Family Medicine), Co-founder CHANGEpain

Max Sun MD FRCPC (Rheumatology) Medical Director, iSITES Program

Ian K Tsang MD FRCPC (Rheumatology)

Patrick Yu MD FRCPC (Anesthesiology)


Pain Fellows

Agnes Stogicza MD FIPP CIPS

Michael Butterfield MD FRCPC (Psychiatry), UBC Pain Medicine Resident

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Allied Health Team

Sarah Borthwick BSc (Hons), MOT (Occupational Therapist), PgCPain

Judy LePage PhD, Registerd Psychologist

Tony LePage PhD, Registered Psychologist

Timothy Muller  PT, BSc, MMT

Lindsay Rite  DC BSc(Kin), CSEP-CEP

Hanna Rakowska RDH, RHN, CHCP

Pain Infusion Nurses

Hossein Atashnak BSN MSc (Anesthesiology), CCRN

Akbar Bayat BSN MSN CCRN

Kathy Burnie RN

Tamara Larson RN

Madison Nobbs BScN RN

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Clinical Chroniclers

Our clinicians like to spend time with patients!  We have employed Clinical Chroniclers to complete documentation and other tasks to allow our clinicians to focus their time on patients as much as possible. 

Our chroniclers are recent university graduates or university students from UBC Kinesiology or Simon Fraser University's Co-op Program, who are pursuing careers as a clinician.  All chroniclers have in depth knowledge in anatomy.  

Yasmin Bains BKin

Carson Berry BSc

Jocelyn Chan Kinesiology Intern

Emily Chen Kinesiology Intern

Allan Guan BKin

Yasmin Khalili Health Sciences Intern

Austin Kao BKin

Brian Tang Kinesiology Intern

Michael Wu BKin


Patient Care Coordinators

Daphne Galario BEEd

Gurleen Dhaliwal BSc (Biology)

Sunny Virk BKin


CHANGEpain Together Teachers

Krista Friesen BA, MSc, CYT, CPI, PgCPain, Program Leader

Sarah Borthwick BSc, MOT, CgCPain

Sarah Jamieson BComm, CYT, PgCPain

Judy LePage PhD, RPsych

Tony LePage PhD, RPsych

Hanna Rakowska RDH, RHN, CHCP


Research Team

Thank you to our dedicated volunteer research team.  This team analyses the aggregated data we collect, to better understand what treatments work best, and other quality improvement measures we can implement

Lindsay Rite DC, Lead Advisor

Carson Berry BSc, Research Assistant

Austin Kao BKin, Research Coordinator

Curtis May BKin, UBC Med Student, Research Assistant

Yasmin Khalili Health Sciences Intern, Research Assistant

Angelo Graffos BKin, Research Assistant

Peter Doris MD FRCPC, Research Advisor

Angela Tescon MSc, Research Advisor



Judy Pryce BComm, CPA, CA, CMC, RYT,  Co-founder

Dr. Lindsay Rite DC, Director of Integrative Health

Bryana Phipps BKin, Operations Manager

Michelle Pospisil BSc, Clinic Coordinator

Doris Young Administrative Officer

Quicktech IT Support



We are fortunate to have a team of passionate volunteers who assist with quality improvement  and research initiatives.  Our volunteers are working towards clinical careers and will use their experience at CHANGEpain to help guide them in their career paths.

Boyee Lin   4th year Molecular Biology Intern, SFU

Brian Hayes MSc Candidate UBC

Julia Bodnariuc  4th year Molecular Biology Intern, SFU

Parm Rai 4th year Kinesiology Intern, UBC

Puneet Pannu 4th year Biology Intern, SFU

Sharmaine Salarda 2nd year Kinesiology Intern, SFU

Thida Maung  4th year Molecular Biology Intern, SFU

Tophy David BSc (Medical Science)

Veda Men 2nd year Biology Intern, UBC