Medical Services

Medical Services are delivered within our Layered Care Approach.

CHANGEpain's Medical Services require a referral. Patients may access these services for up to 1 year. Please note: Due to high demand, there may be significant wait times for these services.


CHANGEpain's Core Program

CHANGEpain's Core Program consists of 5 major steps.

  1. A consultation with one of our physicians: During the consultation, your physician will hear your story, conduct an examination, and create a care plan for you.

  2. Group Medical Visits: During our 8-week Empowering You to CHANGEpain program you will learn more about chronic pain and the best ways to manage it. Our highly trained facilitators and physicians will discuss gold-standard self-management tools and strategies, and connect you with resources both inside and outside CHANGEpain. 

  3. Pain Treatments: Your physician will recommend pain treatments that they think you would benefit from. We always try the simplest, lowest risk treatments first. If you do not get benefit from these treatments, then we may refer you to more complex treatments. We call this our Layered Care Approach.

  4. Graduation: Our goal is that every CHANGEpain patient leaves the clinic with reduced pain and a sense of hope and empowerment.

*Note: You will complete steps 2 & 3 at the same time. 


Important Notes: 

CHANGEpain is a shared care clinic. This means that your care here will have a whole team involved! You may see many different providers at CHANGEpain, but they will all have access to your medical records, and your care plan.

We work closely with the community to make trusted referrals to services that are known to help with chronic pain. These may include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Psychology and many others.

We will also work alongside your family physician and other specialists. We often provide recommendations that require your family physician's follow up. For example, we may make medication recommendations but will not prescribe directly.

You may access our Medical Services for up to one year. CHANGEpain is unable to provide ongoing maintenance care through our Medical Services. You are welcome to access our Integrative Pain Services for ongoing care. 

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Core Program (MSP Covered)

Consultations and Follow-Up Visits 

Group Medical Visits

Trigger Point Injections

iSITES Ultrasound Guided Pain Procedures


Advanced Interventional Pain Services (Private Pay)

Infusion Therapy


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