Sleeping To Change Pain

Length: 5 sessions       Program Cost: $200   

This program is designed for patients who live with chronic pain and suffer from interrupted sleep. It integrates current sleep research and therapy techniques including:

  • Sleep hygiene: how to set yourself up for sleep success
  • Information about medications and supplements
  • Relaxation and stress management
  • Cognitive Therapy Techniques
  • Pain education and sleep science

Changing pain often changes sleep, AND changing sleep can often change pain. Let us help.

You should go if...

  • Your sleep is scattered, inconsistent, and not restful
  • You have trouble sleeping because of stressful or racing thoughts
  • Pain wakes you up throughout the night
  • Your provider recommends it

krista smiling.JPG

Private Sleep Coaching with Krista Friesen

Cost: $125 per hour 

Krista Friesen has extensive post-graduate training, knowledge and skills in chronic pain management, and is a seasoned yoga and Pilates teacher.  

She has years of experience working with chronic pain patients (herself included!), and has been with CHANGEpain and its predecessor clinics since 2011.  She has deep understanding and background in the treatments and recommendations made by the CHANGEpain clinicians.

Krista offers coaching in:

  • General Pain Management
  • Movement (including yoga and Pilates)
  • Sleep

You should go if...

  • You prefer privacy rather than a group session
  • You are looking for in-depth personalized advice