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Tim Muller PT BSc MMT

Tim started his career in 2002 in the Netherlands after finishing his Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy in Amsterdam. After working as a general Physiotherapist for 2 years Tim started focusing more on the orthopedic side of Physiotherapy and started his training in Orthopedic Medicine (Cyriax method). Tim wanted to further specialize in Manual Therapy  and completed his Master’s program in the Netherlands in 2012. In 2013 Tim started his training in diagnostic real time ultrasound to further strengthen his assessment skills.

Over the last 12 years Tim has been working in the Netherlands treating patients of all ages and all fitness levels. Additionally, during the last 3 years,  he has supervised Interns completing their Bachelor’s degree. His main area of expertise is lower back problems, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, hip-spine problems, knee injuries, ankle problems and groin pain of orthopedic origin.

Tim is passionate about his work and enjoys working with patients of all ages. He provides Physiotherapy services in English and Dutch.

In his spare time Tim enjoys Cross-Fit and running. He loves travelling and experiencing different cultures.