Curious about our wait times?



We offer Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Exercise Physiology, Pain Psychology services and IMS to get you started on your pain management plan earlier.

Available now!


Your first MSP visit will be the Starting to Change Pain group medical visit.

We have a new physician now delivering Starting to Change Pain, and we expect the wait time for the first visit will be reduced soon.


Your wait time for your first one-on-one consultation depends on your condition. 

  • Our physicians review your referral and decide which services are right for you. 
  • Depending on your condition, you may be seen earlier.
  • One-on-one consultations with the few Royal College pain specialists are in high demand and wait times are unfortunately long.

We are doing our best to bring more top pain specialists to CHANGEpain to reduce wait times.

Here are some options to consider while you are waiting.

CHANGEpain Together.png

1. Sign up for CHANGEpain Together self-management programs! 

We offer many group and individual programs for people living in chronic pain.  These programs are very commonly recommended by our specialists when they develop your pain management plan with you, so you can get a start on your program by signing up early.

Delivered by highly skilled teachers and pain experts, CHANGEpain Together programs are designed to offer tools, knowledge and strategies to help you manage your pain, yourself!

Pain research is clear: Patients who learn more about pain and patients who take control of their own condition, do BETTER.

2.  Live Plan Be

Manage pain your way, using Pain BC’s new online service.

  • Learn about the science behind chronic pain.
  • Keep track of your symptoms and their impacts.
  • Develop a plan for better pain management and quality of life.
  • Connect with a like-minded community of others who live with pain

3. Pain BC

Pain BC is a collaborative non-profit organization made up of people in pain, health care providers, and leaders. They aim to improve the lives of people in pain through education, empowerment and innovation.

Pain BC has many resources for people with pain - be sure to check them out!