Chris M. Goddard MD, Ph.D., FRCSC

Dr Goddard began his biomedical career at the University of Alberta receiving a bachelor of medical science in 1989 and a doctorate of medicine with distinction in 1991; receiving the Hewlett-Packard top medical graduate award, the Dr. J Ross Vant Scholarship in Obstetrics as well as the Dr. M C Koilpillai Prize in Neuropsychiatry. 

 During that time Dr. Goddard was also a research associate in the department of zoology studying acute vascular dysfunction following high-dose radiation exposure.  Upon completion of his medical studies, he was accepted at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver for his internship which he completed in 1992. 

 Following this he completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the department of critical care specializing in vascular dysfunction in sepsis publishing numerous peer-reviewed articles on this subject. 

 He has been a clinical instructor in both medicine and surgery as well as acute trauma life support.  In 1998, he received his PhD from the University of British Columbia Department of Experimental Medicine and in 2000 he completed a Fellowship in General Surgery also at the University of British Columbia. 

 As a general surgeon Dr. Goddard was privileged to work in various centers across Canada including the Canadian North which provided opportunities to serve many remote populations and stimulated his interest in the surgical management of various abdominal and soft tissue pain problems. 

 To pursue his interests in advanced interdisciplinary integrated pain care, Dr. Goddard began work at the CHANGEpain Clinic in 2016 as an associate.  In 2018, he began his one-year subspecialized Pain Interventionalist Fellowship training with a focused pain practice addressing  post-surgical pain, post-cancer therapy pain and post-trauma pain. 

 He brings a wealth of experience in practice management and has taken on the leadership role at CHANGEpain as the Clinical lead for the development of our Perioperative Pain Management Program involving prevention,  pre-habilitation, early post-op recovery and post-surgical rehabilitation.



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