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Integrative Pain Services

Our Individual integrative pain services (Chiropractor, Manual therapy, Physiotherapy, Active Rehab, psychology, pain coaches) can be booked directly online.

  • No referral required

  • No waitimes

  • Covered by ICBC and extended healthcare insurance

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Medical Services

MSP covered Services

  • Doctor referral required

  • Covers medical doctor consultations for 30 minutes and follow-ups for 15 minutes. Only some procedures are covered by MSP.

  • Only one MSP service can be accessed per day.

  • Average wait time for your consultation: 4-6 months.

Private Pay Medical Services

  • No referral required

  • Average wait time for your consultation: Less than 1 week.


Pain Programs

3 month personalized multi-disciplinary functional rehabilitation program

3 month concierge service with coordinated access to all services