Physician Assessment only

Independent Medical Legal Evaluations (IME)

Medical Legal Opinions (MLO) from the treating CHANGEpain physician

Medicolegal Treatment Assessment (MLTA)

This is a comprehensive assessment by a Pain Specialist who provides a report to include therapy or resource recommendations addressing the biopsychosocial issues identified.

If your client would like to complete any MSP funded  therapies at CHANGEpain, they will need to have their GP or specialist physician fax us a no-charge MSP referral.

Private pay medical or allied health integrative services including any that are covered by extended health care insurance can be utilized without an MSP referral. 

Multi-disciplinary Team Assessment and Treatment Outcomes

Pain Specialist (IME or MLO) report based on the assessments and treatment outcomes of our Interdisciplinary Functional Rehabilitation program called CPRecovery

  • Timely report after 3 months treatment

  • Clear prognosis 

  • Program costs can be partially recovered via ICBC or extended healthcare direct billing