What kind of private pay assessments are available at CHANGEpain?

  1. Specific assessments for Private pay Medical Services Infusion therapy, Prolotherapy, Botox, PRP and Integrative medicine.

  2. Multi-disciplinary Private Assessments involving a pain specialist and functional movement specialist and/or other allied health professionals

  3. Allied health service assessment with one of our chiropractor or physiotherapist or kinesiologist.

How do I assess these private pay assessments?

There are two ways to be seen sooner through assessments not covered by MSP:

  1. You may book online book for an assessment with one of our allied health team.

  2. You may contact our Private Pay Services Coordinator for any of the following:

    1. Assessments to get assessed for specific private pay medical services such as Infusion therapy, Prolotherapy, Botox, PRP and Integrative medicine.

    2. Customized Multi-Disciplinary Private Assessment (MDPA)

    3. Participation in one of our 3-month pain rehabilitation programs CPRecovery or CPPremium.

Access to our private pay physician services

Our specialists offer medical services that are not covered by MSP such as prolotherapy, PRP, IMS, lidocaine infusion, ketamine infusion, botox for headache and myofascial contracture, integrative medicine/nutritional assessments and ongoing care.

For these services, consultations are $650 for 30 minutes. 

These can be seen on the same day as any allied health services but cannot be combined with MSP services with the same specialist in the same day.

Access to our private pay allied health  services

Assessments by our integrative pain service professionals (chiropractor, manual therapist, physiotherapist, kinesiologist, psychologist, pain coaches) can be booked directly online.

  • No referral required

  • Assessments are between 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the service required

  • Most consultations and therapies are covered by ICBC and extended healthcare insurance

Access to our private pay multi-disciplinary  team assessment

A Multi-disciplinary Private Assessment (MDPA) is a 2-hour comprehensive functional and medical consultation with one of our medical specialists and movement specialist and other members of our allied health team as necessary.  Please book with our coordinator.

After the assessment, we provide a report including therapy or resource recommendations addressing the biopsychosocial issues identified. These recommendations  may include options available at CHANGEpain. 

Please be advised that this report is not a medical legal report and a separate fee is required for this service.

These cost $2250 to $3500 depending on the number of allied health professionals are involved.

They are also part of our two Personalized Coordinated Pain Programs: