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Who are we?

We are a passionate community of pain experts inspired by our vision to create the best place to change pain where people feel safe, are heard, and believed, and are empowered with skills that support their own healing. We offer a blend of MSP, extended care and private pay services to reduce the development of chronic pain before it happens and find ways to alleviate it when it impacts quality of life.

Who are you?

You are a dynamic, compassionate, and detail-orientated individual that is driven by excellence and clinical challenges. You thrive in a collaborative team setting and are passionate about inspiring others to optimize their health. You are interested in personal growth and professional development and want to become an integral part of a truly integrated health team.


Cost of Initial Assessments - Non-MSP Medical

Private Medical Consultation (PMC) Multidisciplinary Private Assessment (MDPA)
Description Expedited, focused assessment to determine fit for non-MSP covered services requested:
IV Lidocaine Infusion, Ketamine Therapies, Prolotherapy, BOTOX, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).
Comprehensive functional and medical assessment with a multidisciplinary report addressing the biopsychosocial issues identified.
Care Team Pain Specialist Pain Specialist
Functional Movement Specialist
Duration 30 minutes 2 hours
Cost $450.00 $3,500.00

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Cost of Initial Assessments - Allied Health

Assessment Duration Cost
Chiropractic Initial 60 minutes $165.00
Physiotherapy Initial 60 minutes $160.00
Kinesiology Initial 45 minutes $90.00 (+ tax)
Counselling Initial 90 minutes $250.00
Acupuncture Initial 45 minutes $140.00
Ketamine Counselling Initial for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy 60 minutes $250.00

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