Yoga for Beginners

This weekly recurring yoga class focuses on foundation, alignment, sequential building of poses, and breathing techniques, from the basic to complex. If you are new, or newer to yoga or perhaps are looking for a refresher of the yoga basics – this class is for you. Familiarize with the language of yoga and bring strength and flexibility to areas of the body often affected by mobility challenges, aging, sports injury, or overuse – mainly the shoulders, hips, quadriceps, hamstrings and lower backs. This class will be tailored to be as a challenging as you wish.

Yoga for widespread pain

During this weekly recurring yoga class, you may experience the somatical (physiological) side of Yoga Therapy and education on how to prop yourself during any stretch or yoga class for the painful or injured body. Gain knowledge from your own body wisdom while being guided through propped asana (postures) utilizing yoga props like chairs, blankets, pillows and bolsters during the practice.


This weekly recurring yoga class is a blended session of gentle movement, breath work and deep stretch to harmonize the Mind, Body, Spirit energy. You will experience a yin/yang approach to this class with balanced rest and movement. The mind, physical, emotional and spirit bodies will be explored within therapeutic yoga practices. This is suited for EveryBody and is a great introduction to Trauma Informed Yoga Therapy. No experience necessary. 

Kundalini Yoga

This is a weekly recurring yoga class. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. This practice allows you to awaken to your full potential and true self through a series of physical movements, meditations, breathing and mantra. 


This weekly recurring yoga class focuses on stillness, letting go of stress and tension, nervous system regulation, finding ease and resting deeply. The class offers a longer amount of time (5 to 15 minutes) in each pose to find deep relaxation.

Qigong Movement

This weekly recurring movement class includes Qigong-based breathing techniques, movement sequences, and guided embodiment explorations to deepen understanding of kinesiology movement principles. This class is suitable for patients with more complex pain patterns – as we are exploring how to move from a place of relative ease. It is recommended that you have attended the Somatic Therapy GMV class prior, but not mandatory. The intensity level is gentle to moderate, and you are encouraged to let ease and enjoyment of movement be your guide. 

Morning Stretch & Activation

This weekly recurring movement class will safely guide you through a whole body wake up routine. We will progress through safe and progressive joint movements. Your neuromuscular system will wake up as we sequentially turn on and strategically activate the superficial and deep layers of the body. This class is suitable for patients who are looking to perform some lower-intensity joint movements to improve functional capacity. No prerequisites required.  


This weekly recurring movement class is designed to build strength, balance, and flexibility through alignment-based movements. Practice core activation, connect to forgotten muscles, and find ease and fun within challenge. Explore both isolated muscle movements such as feet and ankle movements, shoulders, and core, as well as whole-body integrated movement like squats and planks. Modifications and alternatives will be provided. Exercises are slow, controlled, and functional, aimed at learning to move well both in class and in everyday life.  

Strength and Kinesiology

This weekly reoccurring class guides you on how to safely build physical resiliency through a blend of education and movement-based sessions. You will learn about the principles of resistance training and the keys to progressive loading to support healthy tissue adaptations. Class topics will vary each week on body segment and participant requests. This class is targeted for all beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, those that wish to return to a fitness center and those who are managing a chronic musculoskeletal condition.


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Cost of Initial Assessments - Non-MSP Medical

Private Medical Consultation (PMC) Multidisciplinary Private Assessment (MDPA)
Description Expedited, focused assessment to determine fit for non-MSP covered services requested:
IV Lidocaine Infusion, Ketamine Therapies, Prolotherapy, BOTOX, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).
Comprehensive functional and medical assessment with a multidisciplinary report addressing the biopsychosocial issues identified.
Care Team Pain Specialist Pain Specialist
Functional Movement Specialist
Duration 30 minutes 2 hours
Cost $450.00 $3,500.00

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Cost of Initial Assessments - Allied Health

Assessment Duration Cost
Chiropractic Initial 60 minutes $165.00
Physiotherapy Initial 60 minutes $160.00
Kinesiology Initial 45 minutes $90.00 (+ tax)
Counselling Initial 90 minutes $250.00
Acupuncture Initial 45 minutes $140.00
Ketamine Counselling Initial for Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy 60 minutes $250.00

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