What is CHANGEpain?

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Vancouver’s CHANGEpain centre opened in 2013 because we knew first hand that injury can devastate lives and recovery is delayed with fragmented care. Getting appropriate treatment early right after injury is key to fuller recovery and minimizing time wasted getting there.

Choose CHANGEpain if you want personalized integrated whole person care to avoid surgery, or to recover early from motor vehicle accidents, surgery, cancer therapy or work and sports injury.

We are recognized for achieving the highest standards in safety and clinical care by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC and are the only CPSBC accredited Pain Centre in BC.

At our core, we are a uniquely skilled and highly experienced team of pain specialized medical doctors and allied health clinicians who are passionate about helping people in pain.  

We offer the breadth of evidence-based pain and function recovery services that apply the best science, knowledge and technology from Medicine, Nutrition, Brain health and Movement.

Our Vision

We are driven to provide the most effective solutions to change pain and support whole person recovery.

Our Mission

1 in 5 people in BC (and the world) have chronic pain, yet there are very few trained clinicians specializing in pain management. Our mission is to change pain by:

  • Improving knowledge of why and how pain persists

  • Improving effectiveness of pain care

  • Improving access to that pain care

  • Reduce deconditioning through earlier care

Our Difference

We Believe You.

We Understand. We are Patients too…Car Accidents, Cancer, Surgery, Disease, Work and Sports Injuries.

We are recognized Experts in Integrated Health and Pain Care as Founders and teaching faculty of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Subspecialty of Pain Medicine that was established in 2014.

We are an academic hub and the only community-based Pain Fellowship Centre recognized by the University of British Columbia since 2016.

We are committed to personalizing your recovery because no injury is isolated and each of us repairs differently.

We are inspired by our work and…

we will not stop until we find a better way forward.

Our Strategies

We are changing pain by:

  • Making early access to our advanced pain care expertise a reality

  • Delivering effective personalized pain care solutions

  • Studying outcomes to advance pain knowledge

  • Fostering colleagues to expand pain care across BC

  • Guiding policy affecting pain care, education and practice standards

Our Whole-Person Approach

No injury is isolated and each person repairs differently.   Fragmented care does not work. Delayed care leads to deconditioning.

A layered approach to diagnosis and treatment is needed with every problem.

Not everyone needs a whole team but everyone needs a whole-person approach to recover their health.

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