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We care for people living with pain who haven’t improved after 3 months of conventional therapies.  We are a physician-led interdisciplinary pain clinic located in Vancouver, BC.

We see most patients at our clinic for a maximum 6 month term.  Our goal is to help people resolve their pain within that time, or help them know with confidence what to do if pain continues or comes back in the future.

Most services are fully covered by MSP

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We use a Layered Care Model, where patients are first assessed by a pain physician and given a care plan.  We start most people in our Core Program which is mostly covered by MSP.   Why start here?  Because through experience we have found that most people find the Core Program helps.

Patients need a referral from their physician to be accepted in our Core Program.

Patients who don’t get better with the Core Program have access to more treatment options in Complex Care Services at CHANGEpain, many which are also covered by MSP.

Unfortunately, the public system does not fully support the intensive and coordinated care needed by people with severe pain conditions.

At CHANGEpain, we are working as hard as we can to improve access to pain care and fill gaps in the system.

  1. We volunteer behind the scenes to improve access to services
  2. We offer individualized intensive pain programs.  These include private pay services not available under MSP.