Group Medical Visits are led by physicians and are covered by MSP.  These programs are an important part of your treatment plan!

A note about patient privacy during Group Medical Visits

  • Because the medical visit is in a group setting, the privacy of a one-to-one medical visit cannot be completely maintained.
  • Normal privacy and confidentiality protocols apply outside the confines of the session
  • Participants must respect the privacy of their fellow group members and agree not to discuss the nature of other group members’ medical conditions or concerns with anyone not taking part in the visit

NOTE:  We also offer additional private pay group programs in our CHANGEpain Together Program, which are delivered by highly skilled teachers who are not physicians. 


Empowering You to CHANGEpain

This 8-week group medical visit series is an essential part of your treatment plan at CHANGEpain. Pain is in the brain, and most pain patients need more than traditional medical treatments to manage (or preferably resolve!) their pain. During our 8-week Empowering You to CHANGEpain program you will learn more about chronic pain and the best ways to manage it. Our highly trained facilitators and physicians will discuss gold-standard self-management tools and strategies, and connect you with resources both inside and outside CHANGEpain to help you resolve or confidently self-manage your pain. . 

In this 8-week series, we explain:

  • How pain works in your body and why it may be persisting.
  • CHANGEpain services and why we offer them. 
  • How nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep, and mood play a role in pain. 

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Preparing for iSITES (Ultrasound Guided Injections)

This 50 minute session is mandatory for every patient referred to the iSITES Ultrasound Guided Procedures program. The iSITES physician will explain how to prepare for these procedures and the risks involved in your specific procedures.

Following this session, you will book your series of ultrasound guided procedures.

Wondering why we offer these programs? Watch this!