What is the Pain Infusion Therapy Program?


CHANGEpain is the first community clinic in BC accredited to deliver Pain Infusion Therapies.

If you have a serious pain syndrome, and other conventional treatment options have failed or have made little progress after more than three months of trying, our Pain Infusion Therapy Program may help.

Research has shown the infusions of Lidocaine and Ketamine can reduce or eliminate pain for people with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or conditions such as neuralgia, post herpetic pain, chronic diabetic neuropathy, vascular headaches, centralized pain, or widespread pain.

Our Infusion Program is part of CHANGEpain’s multi-layered approach to helping you reduce or eliminate your pain.  Our multi-disciplinary team will work with you to integrate infusions with other pain services you may need.

What Types of Infusions are offered?


    We offer the following Infusion Therapy options

    • Intravenous Ketamine
    • Intravenous Lidocaine
    • Subcutaneous Lidocaine

    Is Infusion Therapy covered by MSP?

    Unfortunately, Infusion Therapy is not covered by MSP.  

    Some extended health plans and other insurers cover the cost of treatment.  Please check with your insurer to find out if you are covered.

    Note that some hospitals may provide forms of infusion therapy within their budgets that are funded by Health Authorities.

    What does "accredited" mean?

    CHANGEpain is approved for accreditation under the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC Non-Hospital Medical and Surgical Facilities Program.  Our accreditation means that we are approved to deliver Pain Infusion Therapy and meet or exceed the rigorous Pain Infusion Clinic Standard found here.

    We are the first and currently the only community based clinic in BC that is approved to deliver pain infusions.