What is iSITES?

iSITES stands for “Integrated Specialist Interventions Targeted by Enhanced Sonograms.” The iSITES program includes more complex pain procedures performed under ultrasound (sonogram) imaging.

The iSITES program’s goal is to identify sources of your pain by performing diagnostic injections. There are many different types of injections we can try under ultrasound. Once we find a source of your pain, we hope to use these injections to reduce your pain to give you an opportunity to improve your function and help you better respond to other therapies.

In the diagnostic phase, your doctor will typically inject a local anaesthetic into a very specific area. If the injection reduces your pain, then we know the area injected is likely contributing to your pain. A patient who responds will have some pain relief within 12 hours of the injection. We may need to do more than one diagnostic injection to find a source of your pain.

If we find an injection that is helpful for you, your doctor may consider repeating the injection, possibly with medications that provide longer pain relief. Your physician will discuss which medications are appropriate for you, given your medical history.

How does it work? 

How much does it cost?

iSITES procedures are covered by MSP. 

Possible side effects?

Risks mainly depend on the injected areas and medication used. Your doctor will discuss these risks with you.