Semi-Private Active Rehab Sessions with Kinesiologist

Active Rehab is appropriate for patients who would like a safer place to practice exercises and movements, with semi-private guidance by a certified kinesiologist at CHANGEpain Clinic.

CHANGEpain's Kinesiologists are overseen by Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Lindsay Rite, and can work with patients to practice, modify and progress the exercise prescription plan started by their Physiotherapist, Exercise Physiologist, or Chiropractor. 

Our kinesiologists work closely with both Dr. Rite and the other providers at CHANGEpain, to help better integrate your care.

Please note: Kinesiologists work with patients in a semi-private (2:1) appointment. This is not an individual, one-on-one appointment.

Cost: $35 per 50 minute appointment.